Joe Fresh Pop-Up Shop Poster Design

A poster design for a fictional pop-up shop for Joe Fresh.


Joe Fresh’s main brand colour is orange. I used orange font for the brand’s name, the deer antlers, the hashtag and the store’s website to make them stand out and to represent the brand in the poster.

Deer antlers are used as a Christmas logo for the brand’s Christmas gifts, but I thought I’d give them a more updated, detailed and festive look. Perhaps it could be an updated logo for the year’s Christmas presents.


Since Christmas colours are usually red and green, I incorporated those colours into the posters to make the words “free” and “gifts” stand out. Making those words in different colours, not just black and especially those two words, attract the eye of customers.

Adding a hashtag for the event helps spread the word about the event and also makes Joe Fresh’s social media presence grow stronger. Joe Fresh could post previews of the clothing that would be at the pop-up shop, and customers could post what they bought under the hashtag #joefreshpopup. Not only would that help Joe Fresh staff to see what clothes customers like to post about and what creates buzz, but it also helps future Joe Fresh customers see what kinds of clothing Joe Fresh offers.


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