Uniform Designs

Many students want the freedom to wear whatever they want at school, but some like the idea that uniforms unite a school community. From the five people I asked at my school (3 girls, 2 boys) about the uniforms, they said they wouldn’t mind unless the uniforms were extremely boring and the same as other schools.

For the uniforms, I sketched out Spring/Summer options and also Fall/Winter options for both the boys and the girls since the weather we have here changes throughout the year.

Spring/Summer: For both genders, they would have blue polo shirts with the school logo on the left side. The girls would have a bow to make them look a little more preppy, but I chose not to add a tie for the guys because both boys that I asked said that they wouldn’t enjoy having to put a tie on every day. For bottoms, girls would have black pleated skirts. To add something different to the outfit, I drew a brown belt with a  gold buckle. This year, many people broke the “fashion faux-pas” of wearing black and brown together, so I thought why not add it to the uniforms! For the boys’ bottoms, they have simple brown khaki style shorts. Lastly, for shoes I also thought it would be best to choose something casual. Converse are comfy shoes that many students wear every day. With the Converse, the girls would wear knee-high socks, while the boys have ankle socks.

Fall/Winter: Our winter weather gets pretty harsh, so layering up is a good idea! Both genders have blue turtleneck sweaters (that also double up as grad/spirit wear!) and over top they have black blazers with the school logo on the left side. Beige trousers break up the dark colours from the pieces on top. Because of the cold weather, I thought it was appropriate to add a scarf and a tuque/beanie. On the girl I drew the beanie and the tuque on the boy, but they could be worn by both genders! Warm, blue scarves would add something different to the uniforms and they could also be worn outside of school. For the boys shoes, they could go with brown combat boots or their Converse. The girls have black ankle boots, but could also wear their Converse too, with thigh-high socks or sheer black tights.



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